Mike Silletti as "Joliet" Jake Blues

"If you take the world too seriously, then my friend, you have missed out."

If you have made it this far then it is only fair for me to tell you a little bit about myself and what drives me. I truly enjoy having a good time. In fact, that is what I live for. I have yet to be married, and have no children, so my life has been geared towards finding new and exciting ways to have a good time.

I would like to take some time to explain how this company came to be, and what drives my passion for what I do.

I have worked in bars for the last 23 years. My first job was as a bus boy/bar back for Jungle Jims on Auburn street when I was 15 back in 1992. I was fascinated with the people, sounds, and drama that this atmosphere was conducive to. 15 bars and 23 years later I still am. I have worked every position that someone could in a bar. I have done them all. I feel at home in a bar. I enjoy the types of people that work and relax in this environment. I find them to be some of the most real, honest, and down to earth people out there. The bar does not have time for pretenders or pomp. Just be yourself and make some friends. Bar people are quite accepting of new faces and generally welcome new people with open arms. Pull up a stool, buy a drink, and make a friend.

So bars have always been the fun side of my work life. A supplement in income and fun to the two primary jobs that have been my "professional" life. Best Buy and Chase Bank.

I started this company in response to being disallusioned with being a corporate lackey. I spent over 10 years at Best Buy in car stereos and home theater where I became addicted to music, and then almost eight years as a licensed banker at Chase Bank. Both of these jobs prepared me with awesome time management and people skills that you just can not learn in a school. These jobs never seemed to be careers for me however. I do have a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from NIU but my life experiences have taught me so much more than the classroom has ever done.

After several years of dealing with the public and their money (intimately) I realized that having a lot of money is not only a poor life goal but also does not in fact make people happy. I found quite the opposite to be true. Some of my happiest clients lived paycheck to paycheck while my most miserable were often quite wealthy. I came to the conclusion that money only makes people more of what they already are. If you are generous and poor and come into a wind fall, then you will  use that money to improve other peoples lives and generally wind up right where you were before your wind fall. If you are greedy and come in to money, then you become even more greedy.

Once I put this all in to perspective I had to make a decision about my own future. I would often joke with bank customers that I still did not know what I wanted to do when I grew up. The more I said this, the more I began to question why I was wasting yet another day at a mega corporation that cared nothing for its employees. I listened to a commencement speech given by a successful business person (whom I do not recall) and in this speech he was asked by a graduating student as to what type of profession they should pursue. His response was both simple and compelling. He simply asked this student what they would do with each day if money was not a requirement. If they liked to draw then become an artist. If they liked to travel, become a travel agent, etc.

So I began reflecting on this question each day at the bank. What would I do with my day if I had the option to do anything that I wanted. The answer seemed trite, but powerful. I would party. I would have as much fun with as many people as I could every day. I would try to improve as many peoples lives in my circles with fun and amusement as I could. Working at the bank showed me how miserable and downright sad people can become. I wanted to change this. I wanted people to experience the happier side of life. I wanted to provide this to them, but how?

I would party. Great. Now how do you turn that into a business model? I have always gone back to a three step expression for making money. Find something you love to do. Be the absolute best at whatever this is. Monetize it.  This worked for car stereos, and later when making money in and of itself at the bank was my goal. But partying? How do you monetize that? This last part is where I found myself dwelling each day as I stared out the bank's windows living my new life outside my current cubicle prison.

How do I make money partying? This seemed contradictory. It COSTS money to have fun. How can I MAKE money having fun?  I needed to truly take the next step and leave the bank.

Then it dawned on me that my fathers bakery (Cake Creations) was the perfect transition for me. Weddings was where it was at. I could take my skills as a karaoke host and DJ and apply that to Djing weddings. Perfect. Now what?

My good friend (Marcus Kintz aka DJ Special Ops) has been DJing with his turntables since 1999. He focused on this one aspect in bars and clubs as I tried my hat at everything else in bars. We discussed forming a partnership to focus on weddings and Ill-Noise Productions was born. This partnership worked well for our first few gigs but it soon became apparent to us both that we each wanted to be our own boss. So, Marcus kept Ill-Noise and I started Rock Vegas Events.

That was five years ago. Since then, the scope of services we can provide to our clients has expanded to include whatever kind of party you want to have.

If you read all of this I hope that you understand a little more about the company you are considering hiring for your event. Each of my clients is special in their own way and we strive to go above and beyond the expectations of each for every event we put together.

When you hire Rock Vegas Events you are not hiring just a DJ. You are hiring PARTY PROFESSIONALS. This is what we do. This is what we LIVE FOR. 

Mike Silletti