43. Renee and Craig

Mike and his righthand man provided the sound system and music for our wedding and were outstanding to work with for start to finish. Mike, from the first meeting was very educational in explaining how things work and why he does what he does, this knowledge helped use understand what we needed from us and what he needed. We had a very special request, Polka, and Mike was up front that he knew nothing about that music and had no resources on the topic . . . we provided the music and he folded it into the reception seamlessly.

During the reception there were a few on the fly changes that were made and no one knew that that was not the plan from the start. Please understand Mike is no push over and those changes did go through a very quick debate and education of how these changes could go really bad . . . in the end a few of the wanted changes were put in and I can only say that he was totally right. All of the wanted changes would have been a disaster . . . Mike knows what he is doing but is always in the possition, and says, "I work for you" and helps you make the best possible choices.

If you don't have a good time at a Rock Vegas party . . . it is your own fault for not listening to Mike"s guidence.